Living with a chronic illness can be debilitating; both physically and mentally. The toll it can take on your body is bound to affect your ability to cope with psychological and emotional stress. Not only can a chronic illness make it impossible to do your favorite activities , it can also robs your sense of hope for the future. Depression is common among people who have chronic illnesses such as the following: • Cancer • Coronary heart disease • Diabetes • Epilepsy • Multiple sclerosis • Stroke • Alzheimer ’s disease • HIV/AIDS • Parkinson’s disease • Systemic lupus erythematosus • Rheumatoid arthritis Forging a new life with a chronic illness is a challenge. And it’s quite common (and normal) to feel fear and sadness as you make sense of your diagnosis. As you begin to formulate a plan for living , This is the time of healing - and you must surround yourself with those things and people that make you feel good.