Technology is created by people to make their lives better.The creativity allowed us to start seeing the other person we are in touch with, through the websites and mobile phone applications.The world is rapidly growing smaller because of the different applications we use.These applications allow us to see what our loved ones are up to. I can watch a live stream of my cousin's birthday party, as it is happening.Yet, it also makes me feel sad not to share the joys and celebrations.I believe the more people use applications, the more attached they get to those devices.In my opinion, these applications have drawn people closer, yet further apart.There are good things and bad things to the use of these applications.It is a tool that helps connect us with friends.How cool is that!Being alone to create a bubble for themselves and live alone in that bubble.In conclusion, I personally believe there should be a balance between the use of technology to get in touch with our loved ones, and being there in person