Older people and people who have been exposed to injuries and blows suffer from joint and muscle pain caused by blood clots. Through research conducted in the field of medicine, if the patient is placed with hot compresses or electrical vibrations are placed on the site of the injury, the blood clot may be treated, but it requires more time and effort and is less efficient. Therefore, the magnetic TVT device stimulates blood circulation in a fast and effective way. The product consists of an electrical device and a liquid. This electrical device consists of a 90-meter battery that produces an electric current in two opposite directions. It contains a small display screen to show and control the strength of the current. It is also connected to two wires 5 meters long, and a box containing two opposite magnetic strips with an area of 30*10 cm. The box is It can be changed in size and the magnet strips help produce a magnetic field. The liquid consists of a nutrient solution and aluminum nanospheres that are affected by the magnetic field. How to use this product: The doctor injects the patient with liquid at the site of the injury with the needle, then places the site of the injury in the box, then turns on the battery and produces a current in two opposite directions that helps produce an oscillating magnetic field. The oscillating movement of the magnetic field leads to the movement of metal balls (aluminum nanoballs), which leads to blood movement and thus leads to the activation of blood cells and blood vessels, which helps in treating blood clotting. There are 3 different quantities of liquid available, and there is also the ability to control the strength of the current through the device, in accordance with the patient’s condition, the location of the injury, and the patient’s age.