Social intelligence is the individual's ability to understand, accept, and respect the feelings, intentions, views, and thoughts of others, as they form successful relationships through which they can interact, share, influence, and benefit from the experience of one another in the best and most efficient ways.Social intelligence enhances your acceptance of change, and thus allows you the flexibility to conform and adapt to it. As a member of a team, a socially intelligent individual has the ability to work on settling the arguments that occur between them and their colleagues in the work environment and are capable of sound social interaction.This is because as socially intelligent individuals interact with each other, the achievement of happiness is ensured through creating a socially warm, loving environment that improves your abilities for achievement, excellence and creativity.This is mainly due to their unique personal strengths, such as their positive self-concept, their clear insight into themselves, their realistic view of life, and most importantly their top-notch skills in practicing their empathy on the people they interact with.Socially intelligent individuals have the capacity to cooperate with others and exchange benefits as well as distinguish their psychological states from their facial expressions.For when you're socially intelligent, you're able to form strong and meaningful friendships and will definitely be everyone's favorite and the one they go to for advice and opinions as you have full awareness towards situations and are able to communicate your thoughts with full clarity and frankness.Its importance can be seen in various aspects of life as it's inherent in friendships, families, and throughout communities as a whole.Social intelligence also strengthens your commitment to the morals and values of society and urges you to comply with the rules and keep in line with the social standards, all of which is reflected in your work environment and leads to the achievement of social health.The hallmarks of social intelligence are numerous, they are the characteristics that make socially intelligent individuals highly appreciated and loved.They range from being sensitive to the feelings of others, respecting their rights and points of view, and having remarkable communication skills to being reliable, having the ability to set goals, having leadership qualities, and having a high level of social responsibility.Be it motivating yourself or motivating others, you have the necessary skill of setting goals and achieving them, and most importantly, enduring any failure that you may experience.