Abstract: Nestled in a quiet corner of Muscat's Industrial Estate, the serene exterior of the National Metal Cans factory belies the efforts and struggles of its founder, Chaitanya Gulabsi.He distinctly remembers 18 November 1998 which coincides with the National Day of Oman when certain events made him think hard, a realization akin to an awakening dawned on him that he was not a creator of a business but it was handed on a platter to him from his father.Background: After completing his MBA and specializing in Accountancy, Chaitanya joined his father's business in 1986.This case is written by Dr Gautam Dutta, Caledonian College giving insight on the setting up of a manufacturing unit in Oman.In spite of coming from a well - known and established business background of his father, Chaitanya decided to start and run his own business.In order to gain experience and learn about every aspect of the business, he worked in all the different departments of his father's organization; human resources, engineering, finance, arketing He worked hard learn the nuances of the business.This particular period taught him many lessons and especially humility.Encouraged by his wife he decided to start his own business.However, it was easier said than done.