Microflorapresent in soil (especially, in rhizosphere) proved their potential in the control of soil-borne diseasesby the process of biocontrol and microbes employedin this technique are referred as bioagents (Cook etal., 1978) or biocontrol agents. Rhizobaceria alsoplay an important role to improve soil structure andin the production of phosphatase, â-gluconase,dehydrogenase and antibiotics (Hass and Keel,2003), solubilisation of mineral phosphates and othernutrients, as well as stabilization of soil aggregates(Miller and Jastrow, 2000). This fact being knownsince long (Mitchell, 1973) has been incorporatedwith new technologies and management systems ofvarious pests as “integrated pest management”(Antoun and Pre´vost, 2005).