to earn money A great way to earn some money is busking ! Why this work so enjoyable ? Because there aren't many jobs where you can make money while doing something you actually love . And for me that's playing my guitar and singing . It doesn't feel like work at all ! ips for Sibses A friend of mine gave me some tips for success in busking . For a start , you have to be prepared to practise People won't give you money if you're just not very good- and why should they ! Another good idea is to sing songs that are popular that people want to hear And of course your act should be family friendly nothing that is inappropriate for children . Choose a good time and place to busk , eg a place where a lot of people come to shop on a Saturday or at lunchtime . Of course , you also have to check the rules about busking in your town , for example , do you need a busking licence ? And be respectful to others . For example don't be too loud , or spend hours in front of the same shop , or you'll be very unpopular with the people who work there ! And there are a few downsides to busking . The weather can be bad make sure you're wearing lots of warm clothes if it's cold outside . Also , some people can be very unkind and comment on your performance But don't let that stress you- just ignore them ! Of course playing the guitar and singing isn't the only kind of busking - there are other kinds Can you play another instrument ? Or do magic tricks ? Do you have circus skills such as juggling or acrobatics ? Or maybe mime or dancing or being a living statue It's good to do something original and be different from other buskers , but the main thing is to be good at what you do . Happy busking !