inflammatory model of Freund's adjuvant-induced arthritis, considered as the best available model of rheumatoid arthritis, tea showed a profound degreeof anti inflammatory activity in both the primary and secondary phase This proccdure has been proposcd by severa immunosuppressive activity It has been proposcd ed that those anti-infammatory compounds capable of inhibiting secondary lesions can be considered as immunosuppressive agents.|After activation, they are capable of synthesizing mediators such as PGE, and cytokines such as TNF-z and IL-1.In this model of immunologically mediated chronic snovial inflammation and arthritis, macrophages play a central role.In turn, these synthetic products induce the production of variety of enzymes which initiate cartilage and bone destruction.which indicates its action in the primary phase [Table 6].Indomethacin 51.2% and 45.26%.respectively.on 5th dax.