Dear Kay, How are you? I hope that you and all your family are fine. I knew that you want to travel on the summer vacation this year. What do you think you come to the city of Umluj in Saudi Arabia? I have recommended this city in the same because you love beaches, so when you go you have to go to Duqm Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches In it, where you can practice swimming, walking and camping across the paths and in the tents that have been prepared in an adequate and integrated manner for the service and comfort of the family, and after the completion of the beach, you must visit the site of Al-Gabbaya, where there are the ruins and ruins of the ancient city of Hawra, which was mentioned in the ancient pilgrimage trips, and you can visit the Emirate Palace The old one, which dates back to 1954, and going shopping and taking some souvenirs from the old market. I hope you like this scheme and come to the city to meet and talk, I hope you will send me a message informing me of your arrival and setting the date of your arrival