Stock cuts are essential and prevalent in various industry, in order to reduce losses as a result of stock cuts. However, it would be difficult to identify the ideal combination to cut the stock manually or automatically when dealing with big demands and varied size requirements, thus process computerization are required to find the best approach to cut with the least amount of loss. This project, which is separated into several parts, covers the cutting stock problem, its principles, constraints, and some of the main approaches utilized to handle it. The described problem description will demonstrate our understanding and investigation for our group's given data. Our challenge may be defined as determining the most effective method for cutting metal bars to smaller parts in length from a limitless supply of bigger sizes with the least amount of material and besides the minimum amount of loss. To make desk legs, this project includes cutting bars into different diameters. It is critical to resolve the issue. We utilize less resources to manufacture the product since the least amount of material is necessary, cutting production costs. Loss reduction has a similar effect; it aids companies in becoming more competitive and less in cost. Loading… Who would need to solv