ā€¸Today , I will speak about my favorite season. I was caught up between wanting to choose Spring or Winter, but in the end, I chose winter. Winter is my favourite season for many reasons, the first is the weather. The weather in winter is mostly cloudy, rainy and snowy, and i love how the sky looks a lot. I also like how it is easier to warm yourself up during such atmosphere, by wearing more clothes and drinking warm beverages, such as : coffee, hot mocha, tea, hot chocolate, and many others. As a fashionable person, I like the many styles that I can form with the same pieces of clothes, since it is easier to style because of the many layers. In winter the night hours change. The night feels longer and cozier for me as a nightowl, and i feel less worried about getting up in the morning, as well as i worry less about the scorching afternoon sun.