189 D. Sam is worried. He thinks his computer will break down. “Tell me your email address. I will send you an email with instructions. Then, I’ll call you again. ” the man says. Sam tells the man his email address. He says goodbye and he hangs up the phone. Then he checks his email. He has one new message. He reads the new email. The email says, Your Windows operating system has a virus. Click on the link: fjdlkdj Follow the instructions to remove the virus. Please have your credit card number ready. Now, Sam is nervous. He doesn’t want to click on the link. He doesn’t want to give his credit card number. He calls his son. He tells his son about the caller and the computer virus. “Is your computer working, Dad?” his son asks. His son says, “I think this is a scam.” “What do you mean?” Sam asks. His son answers, “That guy does not work for Microsoft. Microsoft doesn’t call customers about problems. Don’t click on the link. When he calls again, hang up.