History has informed us that civilizations are born from human needs, and since antiquity man - master of himself - has been able to trace his own route, a path that he is designed with his own means but above all with his personal vision. The internet was one of the means designed to meet the demands of human being in the field of communication, but today it is more than a collection of linked computers providing communication. It is the means which has jostled thoughts, changed the rules of conception of the world; and with the arrival of the web, the internet has become an indispensable means of our daily life for the activities it offers online namely: work, leisure, education, and electronic commerce which is the object of our study. Electronic commerce has reached an unimaginable stage; we can even say that everything is sold on the internet where in developed countries selling on the internet is an ordinary choice thanks to the development of programming languages ​​and security tools and specifically the development of secure payment systems. Our work consisted in the design and realization of a dynamic commercial website For the ATM MOBILIS telecommunication association whose customer can consult the offers, contact the association, order… etc., using the information we have hosted during our stage within ATM MOBILIS.