I can safely say that I think few of us struggle with having too much happiness.People experiencing mania may appear "happy," but are sometimes genuinely unhappy. And mania includes symptoms that go beyond simply experiencing a positive mood. Once you've made the comparison, though, it's easy to run through all the problems someone in a manic state may experience, and all the research demonstrating the difficulties faced by people experiencing mania. Is Happiness Always Appropriate? Just as you may experience too intense or too much happiness, the researchers suggest that there may be times when feeling happy is just not right. We experience specific emotional states that may serve a purpose when tied to what's going on around us. Being a bit fearful and attentive during a highly-charged and important business meeting ensures a person can respond in a quick and meaningful manner. A cheerful person, the researchers suggest, "may be slower than a fearful person to detect a potential threat in the environment."For example, participants in a positive mood produced significantly less persuasive arguments, whereas those in a negative mood produced significantly more persuasive arguments, compared with those in a neutral mood condition.This includes the pursuit of happiness.