One Saturday afternoon, Tom wanted to have an adventure because he didn't want to think about Injun Joe.Injun Joe talked quietly to his friend.They watched his house every night, but they didn't see Injun Joe or his treasure.He went to Huck and said, "I'm going to look for treasure. Do you want to come with me?"Huck always liked an adventure."Let's start looking in the old house near Mrs. Douglas's house. Old houses are good places for treasure," Tom answered.Suddenly, two men came into the kitchen--Injun Joe and his friend.The boys were afraid and stayed in the bedroom very quietly.Injun Joe walked across the kitchen."No," Injun Joe said.They went out of the house quietly and went home.The boys were afraid of Injun Joe, but they wanted to find his treasure."Oh, yes," he said."Where can we look?""What's this?"