The World Wide Web is a highly used tool by Internet users.Although some of the more advanced applications of the Web may require a little more technical skill, those that are ambitious can create a Web page with a variety of features.It is a collection of "Web pages" created by Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and viewed by Web Browsers. Web pages contain anything from personal information to broad topics of interest. Who can create a Web page? Anyone who has Internet access can create it. If you have "surfed the net" you may have encountered pages that introduce a person, provide information about their personal interests, or may even contain a resume advertising themselves for the job market.Web pages provide a means for companies to advertise their products, post available job positions, and furnish information on the latest technical developments.Lastly, Java applications actually give animation to a Web page.Political candidates advertise there views to inform the voters.These features should be used to enhance Web pages, but are often abused.Different features of a Web page are used to enhance the page or to entertain the visitors to that page.They enable doctors to share medical cures with other doctors.