Definitions o Alcohol.occupational, operational, and/or social consequences of problematic substance use, especially those adversely affecting safety in the aviation workplace.Problematic substance use prevention consists of the actions necessary to preclude problematic substance users from being employed within the safety-sensitive areas of aviation and the actions aimed at deterring safety-sensitive aviation personnel from engaging in problematic substance operator as defined in JCAR OPS I. o Operator Officer Focal Point :- is an officer designated by the operator approved by CARC / AMU. o Problematic Use of Substance or Problematic Substance Use is :- The use of one or more psychoactive substances by Aviation Personnel in way that: a) Constitutes a direct hazard to the user or endangers the lives, health, or welfare of others; and/ a subsequent test using an EBT, following a screening test with a result of a specified concentration (0.02, .04, etc.) or greater, that provides quantitative data about the alcohol concentration.b) causes or worsens an occupational.