Poor working conditions for Amazon employees: How can an employee identify and respond to a hazardous work environment? It is a huge online company, which is very popular for the variety of its products and the speed with which the products reach the home. However, the convenience experienced by consumers is at the expense of the health and safety of Amazon warehouse workers. In 2020, 600 workers signed a petition asking Amazon to implement safer terms of work. Amazon working conditions In the article, I'm Not a Robot: Amazon workers condemn the unsafe and stressful warehouse conditions reported by The Guardian in 2020, and they show that many employees at the Amazon warehouse confirmed their working conditions were stressful. Employees acknowledge that their injuries have not been given the attention they deserve, and often underestimate the severity of the injuries as the employee's discomfort or pain remains ignored. Like the brighter lines drawn in the warehouse, which Amazon never implemented. Many Amazon employees admit that workers are fired regularly. Who has been working in a New York warehouse, the rate at which workers are packing items or performing their assigned roles is always recorded, which is what Amazon calls “performance expectations.” How does an employee determine that working conditions are unhealthy or dangerous? Paying attention to how tired your body is, how safe you feel, or how much your eating habits have changed can all be indicators that you are operating in poor conditions. There are also factors that the employee may notice externally. An employee can notice a lack of communication between workers and multiple levels of work. For example, moreover, rapid turnover means that workers become unhappy quickly, employees may find it useful to seek out co-workers who are experiencing the same problems. This may benefit all employees who feel insecure, and make distressed employees feel as if they have a support system in place. Having a collective response and action plan can help bring about change. The employee must also record his activity in the workplace. This means that the employee can save any type of communication via email, phone, meetings, etc.