Six men armed with rifles and shotguns escaped with 1.014.005 in notes after ambushing a Securicor van on a country road near Chathman, Kent, yesterday. After failing to cut their way into the van with what is believed to have been a chain saw, some of the gang forced the driver and a guard to open the rear door at gunpoint. Other members of the gang went along a line of 20 cars which had been forced to stop by the ambush, threatened the drivers and seized their ignition keys which they threw into woodland beside the road. The robbery, which lasted about 10 minutes began soon after 9 a.m. on the A229 road at Bluebell Hill. The Securicor van, with a crew of four and carrying money to London from its base near Aylesbury. Was sandwiched by two vehicles. One braked in front of the van and, as it slowed, reversed into its bonnet. The other rammed the rear of the van. They took a number of bags of cash but left some behind, “a Securicor spokesman said: Van abandoned The gang escaped in a white Transit van and a green Ford Granada, which they abandoned about a mile away and drove off in at least two other cars. One of them a white Jaguar with a V registration, and possibly a brown Cortina. The Securicor crew sent out a radio call for help after they were ambushed. Kent police set up road-blocks, but the raiders escape the net