Self-confidence can be defined as the belief in yourself and your abilities. It is basically freedom from doubt. It is not something that can be taught. It is something that we develop internally by ourselves. It is very important to live a healthy and happy life. Self-confidence is very useful and important to achieve goals and fulfil your wishes. Success comes to those who have a belief in their abilities. One cannot achieve his/her goal in life without self-confidence because a self-confident person is independent, eager, optimistic, loving and positive by nature. The person who lacks self-confidence is totally opposite. He/she is isolated, inferior, depressed, confused and sensitive to criticism and failure. It does not mean that a confident person always gets success in life but he/she takes life challenges positively. They learn from their mistakes and keep trying to achieve better in life. There are various ways by which one can work on and improve his/her self confidence. Firstly, believe in yourself and learn to say what you feel. Most people face this problem of not saying ‘no’ to something they don’t like. It is important to say ‘no’ politely if you are not comfortable with something. Don’t feel guilty about it. There is nothing wrong with it. Another way to improve your self-confidence is to never preassume. Many people have this habit of preassuming the negative. For example, you are going to a drawing competition and you are nervous. Do not overthink it. You are chosen for this competition because you are good at drawing. Don’t let your negative preassumption shake your confidence. Setting realistic goals is a good practice to boost self-confidence. We should not set our goals too high or too low as both can affect your self-confidence badly. Too high goals make one under-confident as she/he may not be able to achieve and the too low goals can make one overconfident as one can achieve it easily. Keep on learning to achieve self-confidence. Learn from your past experiences. Self- confidence does not build in one day. Believe in yourself and keep trying.