We all enjoy being part of a group - there's no better work than teamwork , right ?" The team often goes along with this person , whose ideas might not be the best , just the loudest . Teamwork can be difficult for an introvert , like me . It's hard to speak up if there's a dominant voice in the group . And then there's that team member who likes argue - and not in a constructive way - who just wants to say " no because the others said " yes .Just one difficult personality can make teamwork tough Combine several challenging personality types , and it's even tougher .Personalities can make teamwork difficult .Lack of time together can also make teamwork challenging .It helps to have clear roles on company teams , too , with the right people in them .Teams can be tough , but working alone has its challenges , too .But now I realize what was wrong with the teamwork I did in the past and how good teamwork could be if done correctly .Teamwork can be tough .It's a much better fit for me , and it has made me think about why teamwork can make our jobs harder rather than easier ." And , my least favorite the people pleaser - someone who is such a nice person that they feel they can't be honest . They don't want to hurt anyone's feelings , so they say " yes " to every idea .To successfully work as a team , you need time together - and lots of it .Think of football players : They aren' t just given a ball and told to play .Actually , I disagree .There's a famous saying .