The invention of the computer is having an effect on our lives equal to, if not greater than, that of the other electric inventions.The Altair was the most popular early personal computer.It was programmed by flipping switches on the front panel.Its outputwas simply a pattern of lights, communications, word processing, and other applications required additional components.Computer plays an important rule in our life, we see this important set every where in our life.The concept of the information society refers to the fact thatit is now very easy to link computer together and access information stored on other computers, the Internet is a good example.By connecting to the Internet, you gain access to millions of other computers that are connected around the world.We can communicate via e-mail with anyone on this planet.Unlike posting a traditional letter, this communication via e-mail is instant!Many banks are now introducing on-line banking.Using our computers, we can connect to thebanks computer system and control our day-to day finances from home.The concept of on-line banking has enormous in staff and buildings.Many customers find the advantage of paying bills and moving money between accounts, from the comfort of their own homes asa very attractive idea.Furthermore we can use computers in libraries, supermarkets doctors surgeries , schools and petrol station.