You can be extremely excited and convincing in talking to other people, but if you safe place (for boats) doubts inside yourself, it will be harder to reach your dreams.You are researching, studying, reading or surfing the Internet right now when you come acrosswhat looks like a promising medical treatment or (way of living) idea, but when you run out tobuy it, it is not on the shelves, has gone bad or is more expensive than you expected.You can become a victim of other people's (moving around/misleading and dishonest behaviors), do not respond to encouragements (to fight).Loss or theft may happen ifyou are careless with your belongings.Theelements of the Yin-Earth are seen as softness, the want to meet other people's expectations.You may be just at the edge of creation, but maybethere's a little nudge that's needed from someone in power.Your (success plan(s)/way(s) of reaching goals) for the near future should be exactly (checked for truth/proved true), otherwise itwill be very hard to expect success.To be successful, you mustbelieve in your own talents and abilities as much as you pretend to in front of others.Do your best to stay focused and on task.