Sky HIGH!Jet-powered models are sophisticated aircraft.Radio-controlled airplanes come in all shapes and sizes: from the Mini Flyer-plane with a wingspan of 9 inches (23 centimeters), to the huge passenger jet models with a 29 1/2-foot (9-meter) wingspan.At these competitions, fliers usually do a series of actions with their planes, including launchings, landings, and doing maneuvers in the air.Jet models always attract large crowds at aeromodelling competitions.Nowadays, with the advances in technology, the big thing is radio-controlled airplanes.These jet models can travel at speeds of 236 miles (380 kilometers) per hour-that's more than the top speed of a Formula 1 race car.They no longer fly planes that are attached to two cables and that fly in circles around them.People control the movement of the planes through radio signals.