The world today is facing various complex diseases. Out of them, obesity is one. Obesity is a condition wherein a person starts to gain unnecessary body fat. This is an excessive and abnormal increase in body fat which can lead to various other related health issues like heart problems, blood pressure, hypertension, cholesterol, and many more. Some people think of obesity as only a cosmetic and physical concern but that’s not true. The lifestyle of people has changed a lot. Instead of focusing more on physical activities, there has been a paradigm shift to adapting non-physical activities. Children used to play in parks and playgrounds with friends whereas now the preference has been shifted to mobile and computer games. Not only children but also elders have changed their lifestyle a lot. Previously, people preferred to do everything by themselves. Right from doing household chores to getting things from the market, everything was done manually. But time has changed a lot. Now, everything gets delivered at the doorstep. This type of lifestyle has lead to various diseases including obesity. Additionally, obesity is even caused due to genetics as well. Some people have heredity or have genes that force them to gain weight faster as compared to others. Also, there are some medications like those consumed by bodybuilders (steroids), antidepressants, and medicines for diabetes that make changes in the body metabolism in such a way that the appetite increases resulting in gaining weight. Some people are couch potatoes and foodaholic which means they can’t stay away from food. Under such a situation the appetite increase and the chances to fill oneself with junk food enhances. This kind of habit positively increases the chances of becoming obese.