Food is importantly considered as a necessary requirement for humans but it can also be a vehicle for transmission of disease when it is contaminated with pathogenic germs.Also, information recommends that antimicrobials derived from plants could be aided in the control of microbial toxin production, and toxin mediated pathology in humans.The most importantly recognized and a significant risk factor which leads to food contamination and poisoning is poor hygiene of the persons, primarily ineffective hand washing [4,5].Food poisoning is essentially initiated by drinks or foods contamination with pathogenic harmful parasites, viruses, bacteria, chemicals or toxins.Globally, millions of the world populations are at increasing risk of food-borne diseases (FBDs) and millions get morbidity and/or mortality as a result of consuming unsafe food each year [1].For guaranteeing the safety of food that is managed by food handlers, this is mainly dependent on the most basic criterion of handling which is hand hygiene and the fundamental preventive and precautionary events in health care settings is hand washing [6],moreover, its role at the kitchen, for avoiding infectious disease spreading through human-to-human or human-to-food route [7,8].The emergence of such risks can occur during processing, transporting or storing foods and food products, despite the fact several food-borne diseases could be self- limited, some of them could be serious and may result in death.According to the WHO, in 2015, about two millions of people died because of diarrhoeal diseases, most of those cases were attributed to the consumption of contaminated different foods or drinking unclean water [2, 7, 8].Therefore, this work aimed to assess the practices, attitudes and knowledge of institutional food-workers and handlers in Al-Hilla city, with attention to hygienic practices related to food and other over-all safety applicationsThese microbial risks could be introduced at the poor handling of food and lack of hygiene (e.g. using water contaminated or contamination equipment) [3].